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Added 18.03.14

LEADING breakfast brand Weetabix has unveiled its latest Weetabix On The Go product as the company explores more ways to deliver breakfast to the nation - wherever and whenever they need it.

Weetabix On The Go Breakfast Drink is a deliciously smooth portable drink, designed specifically for breakfast times. Delivering quick and easy breakfast fuel, it has all the energy, fibre and protein of a Weetabix cereal in milk. Its announcement is a pioneering move for the breakfast category which attempts to provide alternative consumption options that are better placed to meet the needs of a more mobile and time sensitive generation of consumers, without forcing them to compromise on taste or nutrition.

This innovation came from the Weetabix Insight Team spending time with consumers across the UK to understand the changing nature of breakfast. One in five adults in the UK skipped breakfast either often or occasionally with many expressing a desire for a decent breakfast, but saying they were unable to get one ‘on the go’. This meant they were forced to compromise on nutrition. This consumer behaviour has driven breakfast biscuit’s popularity to become a £100m category, Weetabix is committed to providing further breakfast solutions, such as Breakfast Drinks, after discovering that 40% of the 6.7m are not satisfied by their ‘on the move’ choice.

With a vision to identify key drivers in order to unlock breakfast growth through innovation, Weetabix is the first to market ‘breakfast drinks’ and aims to capitalise on a category which is predicted to be worth £300m by 2015. Weetabix will be investing £5 million into an above the line advertising and multimedia campaign to promote the new Breakfast Drink, whilst also continuing to significantly invest in Weetabix' core cereal brand.  

Francesca Davies, Marketing Manager from Weetabix, said: “At the Weetabix Food Company, we are absolutely committed to our mission of providing nutritious breakfasts to the nation. Lives continue to get fuller across the UK, and therefore breakfast time can get squeezed.  We’re delighted at the thought of offering delicious, nutritious portable breakfast solutions, that allow consumers, on those days when they don’t have time to sit down with a bowl and spoon, to have breakfast on their terms.”


Weetabix On The Go Breakfast Drink aims to replicate similar nutritional breakfast requirements by being the only drink that can offer the same protein, energy and fibre, equivalents as a Weetabix cereal in milk, and fortified with vitamins and minerals. With an ambition to fuel modern lifestyles, the milkshake drink will be on shelf from January 2014 and available in a 250ml single serve, resealable bottle through three different flavours –Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla.

Francesca Davies added: “Consumer research highlighted that convenience was key. We believe that people should start the day with breakfast, and a bowl of Weetabix cereal is the best way to do that but for those consumers who occasionally don’t have time for a sit down meal, we still want to provide something that is satisfying, filling and also packed full of the same protein, energy and fibre that a traditional Weetabix breakfast would provide.”

With a RRP of £1.39 for a single bottle, the Breakfast Drink will be stocked by all major supermarkets and located within the ambient cereal aisle for shoppers to chill at home. It will also be available ready-chilled in metropolitan and corner stores plus garage forecourts for consumers who purchase breakfast whilst commuting.

Francesca Davies finished: “The breakfast on the move category is expected to grow more so over the next three years and we want Weetabix to be leading the charge. Our customers look to us as Britain’s ultimate breakfast expert and we have a responsibility to ensure that they get what they need, but get it in a way that’s suitable for today’s many different lifestyles.”

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