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Weetabix Unveils Latest 'Incredible Inside' TV Spot

UK breakfast brand Weetabix today unveiled the latest creative in it’s ‘Incredible Inside’ campaign. The campaign, which launched in June, reminds consumers of the incredible feats that our bodies perform every day, showing how Weetabix cereals are specially designed to deliver the nutrition that we need to... More...

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Alpen launches Oat Granola

Alpen, the UK’s No.1 muesli, is to launch an exciting new range of Oat Granola breakfast... More

New Launch Brings Protein Drinks to Breakfast

Weetabix, the UK’s number one breakfast drink, has launched new Weetabix On The Go Protein... More

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Weetabix aims to persuade China's 1.3 billion population to swap a favourite meal

The Financial Mail on Sunday looks into how British institution Weetabix is being... More

China tries Weetabix - with salt and pepper

Weetabix - how do you eat yours? China is falling in love with the UK cereal brand and is... More

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