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Weetabix Unveils Latest 'Incredible Inside' TV Spot

16 Sep 2015

UK breakfast brand Weetabix today unveiled the latest creative in it’s ‘Incredible Inside’ campaign.


The campaign, which launched in June, reminds consumers of the incredible feats that our bodies perform every day, showing how Weetabix cereals are specially designed to deliver the nutrition that we need to be at our best.

The latest TV spot, which breaks on 17th August, is the first product specific advert in the campaign, focusing on Weetabix and the benefits of Vitamin B1 for a healthy* heart. The ad features looped animated clips of Frankie, a ‘dancing granddad’ showing off his dance moves at a garden party.

A major step change for the brand, the ‘Weetabix. Incredible Inside’ brand platform has been developed in response to consumer research which demonstrates the confusion around nutritional claims within the breakfast cereal sector. Given the negative perceptions of the category around nutrition, many consumers are not clear of the benefits of breakfast cereals and the specific nutrients they provide.

Developed by BBH London, the creative will be supported by a media spend of £7.5m

(*Thiamin (B1) contributes to the normal function of the heart as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.)

Weetabix Protein Crunch Original