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Doing things the Weetabix way

Weetabix gives you many of the nutrients your incredible body needs…what incredible things you then do are up to you.

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Good nutrition at breakfast time is vital

Start your day with Weetabix

At Weetabix we are passionate about producing high quality cereals to give you many of the nutrients you need as part of a balanced breakfast.
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The best ingredients come from Weetabix Country

Our wheat is grown within 50 miles of our Northamptonshire mills*

We work closely with local farmers that we know and trust to bring you the best quality wheat, grown in the most responsible way with less fertilizer, a smaller carbon footprint and protected hedgerows.

*Applies to Weetabix, Weetabix Golden Syrup, Weetabix Chocolate, Weetabix Banana

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Meeting the highest possible standards

We're proud that Weetabix is Red Tractor certified*

This means an independent expert checks that our cereals are being farmed and prepared to the highest possible standards in safety, hygiene, traceability and environmental impact. The Red Tractor logo can only be used on foods that meet their exacting standards – so you'll only ever get the best in your bowl. Visit Red Tractor to find out more.

*Weetabix products Red Tractor certified: Weetabix, Weetabix Chocolate, Weetabix Golden Syrup, Weetabix Banana

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Weetabix really is incredible inside

There’s so much wholegrain packed in

A whopping 365 wholegrains of wheat are baked, flaked and shaped to create a single Weetabix biscuit. That’s one wholegrain for every day of the year! It’s a wonder that there’s room for all the vitamins and iron.

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