Weetabix Protein

High in protein and a satisfying combination of
wholegrain wheat and oats to help keep
you going all morning*

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Alpen Oat Granola

High in fibre, a source of protein and made with wholegrain, Alpen granola provides a nutritiously delicious start to every day.

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New Weetabix
On The Go High Protein
breakfast drinks

All the energy and fibre of a Weetabix cereal in milk*
Plus high in protein.
That's a proper breakfast. Bottled.

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New Weetabix On The Go Drink wins Breakfast Product of The Year 2015!

A proper breakfast. Bottled.
Protein, energy and fibre in 4 smooth
and delicious breakfast drinks.

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Weetabix Banana wins Cereal Product of the Year 2015!

The perfect way to fuel your little monkeys
for their day ahead.

Weetabix Banana

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Our Brands

Weetabix Family

Weetabix and our flavour range to fuel your day.

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Weetabix Crispy Minis

Chocolate Chip and Fruit and Nut Minis Weetabix that stays crunchy in milk!

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Weetabix Protein

Weetabix Protein Crunch contains all the nutritional goodness from a Weetabix cereal, but with HIGH PROTEIN

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Oatibix and Oatibix Flakes for Oat goodness to start your day.

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Oaty bars

Oaty bars are a great lunchbox treat bar from Weetabix

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Alpen Muesli

The original Swiss Muesli for breakfast at its peak.

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Alpen Granola

Nutritionally balanced, deliciously tasty and packed full of Alpen positivity.

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Alpen Bars

Perfect for a mid-morning snack, packed with Alpen ingredients.

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Alpen Light Bars

Delicious 70 calorie bars for a tasty treat when you are watching your diet.

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Alpen Trail Bars

Big Alpen snack bars, packed full of big ingredients for big taste.

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Alpen Porridge

Porridge full of tasty ingredients, made easy in pots or sachets.

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Ready brek

The kids porridge, in Original, Chocolate or Golden Syrup.

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Our chocolatey O’s for breakfast and beyond.

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